We – you and I – we the people have a birthright.  Our nation has given us many gifts, passed down to us from the blood and tears of previous generations,

in the hope of giving our generation and the ones that follow it the country of our dreams.


One of the greatest gifts we have is the right to govern ourselves.  To build a state in the grandest image of the dreams that lay within our hearts.

To engage with our fellow co-governors – talk to them, listen to them, connect with them.


Agree.  Disagree.  Make your point, or learn from your neighbor.   Grow.


Build the city – the county – the state – the nation that you are delighted to partake today and proud to pass on to the next generation.


Open your heart and embrace the journey.  Yes, there will be problems, but as part of the American people, nothing that we won’t be able to solve



Does this sound like your experience in the public forum?  Joy, passion, learning, growing, connecting?


Is this what you get when you cast a vote, speak your mind, or engage in political discourse?


What can we do – what can you do – to open up your heart, to embrace a positive future, and create a better state for our generation and the ones that follow ours?


In stepping forward and deciding to run for a leadership role in the Republican Party, I’m very interested in helping you answer that question.  For my part, I believe if I can just give you a little spark in helping you feel an invigorated sense of purpose in creating the future of our state, then I will have served you well as a party leader.


As I consider various public policy issues, I have a set of issues that are important to me.  Some we will agree on.  Others we won’t.


Regardless of agreement or disagreement, it is my hope that individual Clark County Republicans can feel a little more ownership in government.  If through my candidacy, or my public service, I can somehow instigate – even just a little bit – a feeling of being better informed, an enhanced connectedness to each other, a better sense of community, and an idea that it is worth engaging with your government to create a Nevada in which you take pride, then my leadership will be successful.


Let’s begin.

Dear Clark County Republicans,


I want to take the time to express thanks.


Thanks to so many of you who believed in me, supported me, encouraged me, advocated with your friends for me.  I am truly touched by your belief and your passion, and our engagement together was probably the best part of my campaign for CCRP Chair.


As you probably know by now, our efforts came up just short, as my opponent is now the CCRP Chairman by a margin of 122-118.  I hope you will join me in congratulating him for bringing together enough support to successfully become elected to the Chair position.


Many of you have expressed doubts as to the future of the party, regardless of who was elected to the Chair position.  And while it is up to us as party members to engage with leadership and work together to build a party of which we can be proud, it is even more up to us to become leaders ourselves – in our social circles, our neighborhoods, and our communities.  The need is large, but the rewards can immense: the Las Vegas, Nevada and America which can be Great Again.


As for myself, while the situation to lead the party forward was not meant for me to take at this time, I am certain other opportunities will emerge, and if you are active in our local Republican politics, I’m sure our paths will cross again soon.


Warmest regards,



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