As Chairman, I believe we need to look at several key areas of focus:



With around 296,000 registered Republicans in Clark County, we should ask ourselves how well we are communicating with them, and how relevant is our organization in their political outlook?  Do we inform them, engage them, listen to them? How do we become a more relevant and useful organization to them....or even become known?


As Chairman, I intend to lead an effort to create awareness and foster better information, dialogue and empowerment with the community of Clark County Republicans as a whole.




When I talk to many members of the CCRCP, and ask "What is in it for you?" or

"Is your membership experience satisfying", I very rarely derive positive answers.  When the answers to questions about the membership experience involve phrases like "contentious", "bickering", "legalistic about bylaws", or "do-nothing", then we know it's time to take a look at our membership experience and make a serious effort in doing better.

As Chairman, I intend to provide members three conscious benefits.   If you give your time and attention to joining the CCRCP, you should be better informed, connected and empowered.  You should be the person in your neighborhood who is aware of key issues, knows people who are making decisions, and in the position to do something about public policy yourself, and well as guiding others to doing something.  I have ideas that will start with noticeable differences at CCRP meetings, but this will be a focus area for me as leader, so I will constantly be asking how we can provide you better information,

connectedness, and empowerment.

As Chairman, I believe that we will become attractive to these donors when they understand that their contributions will actually help achieve identifiable and positive goals that actually help the party become stronger.  As we move towards a group that adopts Republican positions, communicates them widely and clearly, and becomes more electorally relevant, donors will realize the value of our achievements and willingly facilitate us doing more. Whether the donors notice on day 1 (probably not), day 101, or day 301, they will notice what we do and I will do what I can to underline our steps forward with them. As leader of the party, I understand the need to earn trust and demonstrate achievement.


A party such as the CCRP should be able to provide resources to candidates to help them become stronger and more viable. Whether it is providing trained volunteers, negotiating group buys on political technologies, or simply encouraging Republicans to run for office and helping with strategy and planning, the CCRP should be a valuable resource to Republicans running for office, whether they are running on the Republican line or registered Republicans running in a "Non-Partisan" race.


As Chairman, I intend to work with our

Political Director to make our party more

supportive and appealing to Republican

candidates and elected officials.




The CCRP currently is in a financial

position that no member should view

with pride. We are operating with limited

funds, a spending authorization, and zero budgeted revenue.  Major Republican donors do not consider the CCRP to be a viable recipient for donations, due to the organization's reputation for divisiveness and the lack of a culture emphasizing accomplishment.

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