Ed Klapproth began his life immersed in the history and politics of our nation growing up amidst

                                           the battlefields of the Revolutionary War. His grandfather was a supporter of President Calvin

                                              1924 Republican National Convention. In the presidential election of 1964 Ed’s father was

                                              Goldwater’s campaign co-coordinator for Union County, New Jersey and Ed himself was a  junior

                                              volunteer helping at campaign HQ and doing doors.


                                              By the time Ed went to college he was well experienced and trained in the art of politics.  When in

                                              Hawaii he served with Senator Hiram Fong last campaign; Senator Fong was the last Republican Senator from that state. Ed then put his skills to use; working behind the scenes at first an assistant campaign coordinator and later campaign coordinator; electing Frank Fasi as a Republican Mayor of Honolulu for 3 consecutive terms in one of the bluest cities in the country. Ed then worked as a intelligence office for the party for several years.


After coming to Nevada he has served on the E-Board of the Clark County Republican Party and also ran for public office.


Ed holds two B.A.s and two Master’s degrees (one of which is in Political Science). In his youth Ed has served in Law Enforcement, ran a family businessman, was a internet radio talk show host and been an educator both in the U.S. and aboard.  His volunteer work includes being a Adult Literacy volunteer, an instructor in the U.S.C.G.Aux., a Sunday school teacher, and he is also an ordained minister.

                                                 Margaret Carlson has a long track record of service to the Republican Party and conservative

                                                 causes.  A longtime resident of Boulder, CO, Margaret served the Boulder County Republican Party

                                                 as Secretary.  With her career as a paralegal, her attention to detail, Margaret looks forward to

                                                 getting minutes published to members and the Board in a timely and transparent fashion, and

                                                 overseeing the membership registry of the party.


                                                Margaret has been active in Republican politics for a long time, serving as Precinct Chairman for over 20 years, and serving on the Colorado State Republican Central Committee as well as Boulder County.  She was elected as a Trustee in Commission District F, and serves on the Bylaws and Election/Disciplinary Appeals Committee.  She is a member of Active Republican Women of Las Vegas, the National Federation of Republican Women, and was the Clark County representative and delegate chair for the campaign of Dr. Ben Carson.


A resident of Clark County since 1955, Karl has invested hundreds of hours of work in getting out Republican vote, knocking on many doors and placing thousands of phone calls.  Karl provided software and data management for the 2013 Precinct meetings and County Convention, and recruited and trained volunteers for the 2015 caucus.  Karl looks forward to working with the incoming management team to implement systems to facilitate and encourage increased voter communications.



                                                       Bonnie McDaniel is a lifelong Nevada resident with a zest for life, passion for activism, and level  of

                                                       energy matched by very few.  Bonnie is a Registered Nurse, licensed and bonded travel agent, and

                                                       small business owner.  She has lived in her home in Las Vegas for 54 years, and been a Republican

                                                       for 52 years.


                                                       Bonnie's earliest employment was arranged through her family at the Nevada Nuclear Test Site.  After seeing many friends and family members contract strange and unusual diseases and illnesses, she became motivated as a private citizen to have the government accept responsibility and create a procedure to compensate these affected workers.  Through years of government denials, smokescreens, and downright intimidation, Bonnie persevered, making many trips to Washington to testify as to the effects on people of exposure from the nuclear tests.  With her testimony and the testimony of many others, the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act of 1990 was passed by the legislature.  This bill has provided the process for uranium industry workers contracting lung cancer, fibrosis, silicosis or pneumoconiosis following their employment.  To date, over 32,000 affected workers have been compensated under this bill.


Bonnie's passion for legislative activism remains strong.  In the 2017 legislature, she attended most of the sessions via teleconference, and testified on approximately 500 bills.  She has registered over 1000 voters, and been an election officer for over 20 years.  Her plans to make the CCRP more visible include organizing parade entries, arranging booths at local fairs around town, attending Republican club functions and meetings, and evangelizing the benefits of joining the CCRP.

                                                David Sajdak was born and raised in Buffalo, NY, and moved to the Las Vegas Valley in 2001.  He is

                                                pleased to leave shoveling snow and liberal politics behind in Buffalo.


                                                David learned political activism from his Grandfather Frank, who worked for 40 years in successful

                                                New York Republican campaigns from Governor to Repulbican Leaders in both the Senate and

                                                Assembly.  Frank offered a young intern his first political job in 1973, and that intern became the

                                                Chief of Staff of the Governor of New York.  David is very versed in the methods of effective political

                                               organizing, from his childhood attending various county fairs and lobster fests with his Grandfather to working on many New York Republican campaigns, including Attorney General, Governor, and Senate and Assembly races.  Despite living in Las Vegas for the past 16 years, David is still the last campaign chairman for a successful Republican City Council seat in Buffalo, NY.


As a small business owner, David is very familiar with office location identification, location, and management, and looks forward to the day the CCRP moves into a dedicated office.  Until then, he is pleased to offer his energy, experience, and leadership abilities to the Clark County Republican Party and Republican candidates.


David is married to Alex Sajdak, and they are raising their seven year old grandson.

                                                 Mary Fatizinger is a long time political activist who is pleased to bring both experience, dedication, and

                                                 detail management to the CCRP.  Mary was employed by Bank of America for many years, before

                                                 becoming Treasurer of her family business.  Mary has served as the Treasurer of the Las Vegas Valley

                                                 Tea Party for over five years.


                                                 Mary enjoys helping on many campaigns, and is a tireless phone caller and volunteer.  Many of you

                                                 have experienced Mary's friendly greeting at the check-in table for CCRP meetings, where she is

a reliable volunteer.   Mary's identification with the Republican Party and conservative values is lifelong, and she is honored to be a part of a strong team to lead the CCRP to greater accomplishments.

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